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There are several ways to test for the Coronavirus. QCER is offering both PCR and Antibody testing.

PCR Testing

PCR tests look for evidence of actual Coronavirus in your body now. You may or may not be exhibiting symptoms.

  • It is done with a nasal/pharyngeal cotton swab.
  • This is sent to a lab for testing and results come back in 24-48 hours.
  • PCR tests can help diagnose active COVID-19. “This” generally cannot tell if someone has had the Coronavirus and “has” since recovered.

Antibody Testing

These tests detect antibodies that are produced by your body to help fight infections and usually remain in the blood for some period of time. The antibodies typically help you fight that infection again in the event you are re-exposed. These antibodies in time should be present in anyone who has been exposed to Coronavirus in the past.  You could have recovered from Covid-19 already or you may have been exposed to Coronavirus and had no symptoms.

  • The test is done with a finger stick.
  • Results are back during your visit (2-15 min)

Can I Get Tested?

Anyone can get tested. Call our office for more information or register online through our website here.

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